Progress and Prospects

We will report the activities done in the SKY project

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  • EnglishActivity plan [Event]Online Workshop “Industrial Skill Development in Developing Countries: Education, Skills Demands, and Productivity”

    On February 28, the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) and SKY Projec…… 続きを読む
  • Activity reportEnglish [Activity Report] Trial for the development of a board game for soft skill training

    In the SKY project, we are developing a training program using a board game to improve the soft skil…… 続きを読む
  • Activity reportEnglish Activity Report Presentation of SKY project activities at the session of Science Forum South Africa 2021

    At the session "Skills Assessment Tools for Enhancing Productivity" on the first day of the Science …… 続きを読む
  • EnglishActivity plan SKY project members will speak at the Science Forum South Africa (SEFA) 2021 organized by Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), South Africa

    At the Science Forum South Africa (SEFA) 2021 organized by the Department of Science and Innovation …… 続きを読む
  • Activity reportEnglish Interview with Dr. Hiroyuki Noguchi, Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Education and Human Development, Nagoya University, “Towards a Socially-Conscious Proficiency Assessment: CEFR, Japanese Language Proficiency Assessment, and Proficiency Assessment as a Framework

    In the SKY project, we are developing a skills assessment module that will contribute to the develop…… 続きを読む
  • Activity reportEnglish [Activity Report] Exchanged opinions on the development of game-based training programs

    The SKY project is currently exchanging ideas among the members to develop a training program for wo…… 続きを読む
  • Activity reportEnglish Keynote speech by Dr. Shoko Yamada at UNIDO-Japan Cooperation Webinar Series “Joining Forces for Industrial Skills Development”

    On Wednesday, July 1, 2021, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the P…… 続きを読む
  • Activity reportEnglish [Uploaded Presentation Slides] the 22nd JASID Spring Conference: Planned session, “Skills/ability and Employment in the Labor Market in Africa”

    The 22nd JASID Spring Conference was held on June 12. In the planned session, “Skills/ability and…… 続きを読む
  • Activity reportEnglish [Activity Report] The roundtable, Industrial Human Resources, Productivity, and KAIZEN in Developing Countries: Commemorating the book “Industrial Human Resource Development in Developing countries”

       At the 22nd Spring Conference of the Japan Society of International Development held on June 12, …… 続きを読む
  • EnglishActivity plan 【Upcoming Event】UNIDO-JAPAN COOPERATION Webinar Series: Joining forces for industrial skills development

    UNIDO-JAPAN COOPERATION Webinar Series Joining forces for industrial skills development will be held…… 続きを読む