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Benefit for your business

Benefit for your business

Using the assessment module developed by this project, we aim to identify the areas of skills mismatch and contribute to enhance the relevance of education and training for the demand of skilled workers in the industries of developing economies in Africa and Asia.

Objectives of the Project

We will specify, with concrete evidence

  • Whether the workers in companies/factories, industrial parks, or a whole sector have the required skills
  • Whether the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) of the government and/or private institutions produces workers with appropriate skills demanded by the industries
  • Where the mismatches exist between industrial skills needs and training

We will help the governments, companies/factories, and industry associations to improve the human resource development programs by

  • Proposing the specific approaches and content for the revision of on-going curriculum/ training programs
  • Facilitating participatory multi-stakeholder workshops to identify problems and develop joint action plans
  • Proposing the roadmap for improved contribution of human resources to economic growth and inclusive employment

Our skills assessment module is applicable to various industries in various countries

  • Our assessment module can capture the skills of workers/students comprehensively, including literacy, numeracy, vocational, and behavioral skills and personality traits
  • Our module can be used for diverse industries, particularly in manufacturing sectors.
  • We can assess skills of people from novice to manager levels.
  • We have experience of working in developing countries with different conditions.