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  • 2019.10.15Shoko Yamada・Christian Otchia


    Reconciling heterogeneous results on the returns to skills in Africa

    The paper “Reconciling heterogeneous results on the returns to skills in Africa” by Sky Project members Dr.Otchia and Dr. Yamada was published in the Journal of Education and Work. This paper analyzes the causal effects of cognitive and non-cognitive skills on labor market outcomes by using STEP data from Ghana and Kenya, and explores the heterogeneity of the skill-related returns. Please click the button below for more details.

  • 2019.09.01Shoko Yamada・Christian Otchia


    Interactions between vocational and attitudinal skills in labour market outcomes: findings from the skills’ assessment of garment factory workers in Ethiopia

    SKY Project members Dr. Otchia and Dr. Yamada's paper “Interactions between vocational and attitudinal skills in laboratory market outcomes: findings from the skills' assessment of garment factory workers in Ethiopia” was published in the Journal of Vocational Education & Training. This paper analyzes the effects of an attitude and vocational skills test on the wages of garment factory workers in Ethiopia.

  • 2019.07.10山田肖子


    知識論 情報クラウド時代の”知る”という営み【越境ブックレットシリーズ第1巻】

    越境ブックレットシリーズの第1巻として山田肖子教授による書籍『知識論 情報クラウド時代の”知る”という営み』が刊行されました。

  • 2019.04.08山田肖子




  • 2018.10.02Shoko Yamada・Christian Otchia・Yuki Shimazu・Kyoko Taniguchi・Fekadu Nigussie


    Ethiopia Interim Report Bridging the Supply-Demand Gaps of the Industrial Workforce: Findings from a Skills Assessment of Garment Workers in Ethiopia

    In this paper, to measure the perception gaps between the supply and demand side of worker skills, an assessment in which assessors from the employer side and the TVET trainer side concurrently graded the garment manufacturing vocational skills of the same workers was conducted. The findings show that there are several layers of mismatch not only between TVET and employers but also between TVET trainers and students. The report also points out that noncognitive or “soft” skills are as important as production skills and it was revealed that TVET graduates demonstrate higher levels of noncognitive skills than do workers trained only in the factories.

  • 2018.01.01Shoko Yamada・Christian Otchia


    Explaining differing perceptions of employees’ skill needs: the case of garment workers in Ethiopia

    The Ethiopian economy has grown significantly and the government has prioritized industrial skills development and expanded technical and vocational education and training (TVET). However, mismatches between the skills availableand the skills required are widespread and the unemployment rate for TVET graduates is high. This paper empirically identify the exact types and domains of skills in which the supply–demand mismatches happen in Ethiopia. It also introduces a unique instrument that captures the knowledge and skills of workers in real work environments.

  • 2018.11.28国際開発学会プレゼン(Yuki Shimazu・Christian Otchia)


    Mathematics achievement and textbook contents:Evidence from Ethiopia

    The report explores the capacity to perform mathematical tasks at the level of primary school curriculum by using data of students randomly selected in Addis Ababa, Ethiopiain March 2018.

  • 2018.11.28国際開発学会プレゼン(近藤菜月・山田肖子)



    職業技術教育を取り巻く国際的状況、アフリカ社会における職業技術教育と、Competence Based Training (CBT)に基づく職業技術教育という背景をもとに、アフリカにおける職業技術教育研究の課題にSKYプロジェクトが独自の包括的な評価モジュールを用いてどのように学習者中心主義的アプローチで取り組んでいるのかを示す。

  • 2018.11.28国際開発学会プレゼン(内海悠二)




  • 2018.11.26国際開発学会プレゼン(山田肖子・Christian Otchia)




  • 国際開発学会発表要旨:アフリカにおける労働者の技能評価と職業技術教育訓練(TVET)




  • ディーセント・ワークにつながる知識と技能:


    ディーセント・ワークにつながる知識と技能: 開発途上国における職業教育課程(TVET)修了労働者の技能測定モジュールの開発とカリキュラム評価


  • 2017.11.01谷口京子


    服飾産業における労働者の技能測定 ―技能評価モジュールの開発―


  • 2017.11.01島津侑希


    求められる産業人材 ―南アフリカとエチオピアの服飾産業における産業構造と職業基準の比較―


  • 2017.09.01Christian Otchia・山田肖子


    Perception differential between TVET trainers and trainees on employability skills in Ethiopia: The case of garment Sector

    This paper uses original data to understand the process of garment production skills acquisition in the top seven public TVET institutes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. More specifically, it has two objectives. First, it develops garment skills acquisition scales based on the Ethiopian Occupational Standards items. Second, it compares trainees and TVET trainer’s perception of skills acquisition to assess whether there are gaps in the expectations of the skills to acquire.

  • 2017.08.24シンポジウムプログラム


    Addis Ababa Symposium on Skills Development “High Quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Growth and Job Creation in Ethiopia”

    "Program of the Addis Ababa Symposium on Skills Development
    “High Quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Growth and Job Creation in Ethiopia” 2017."