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  • 2022.01.04Shoko Yamada and Christian S. Otchia


    Differential effects of schooling and cognitive and non-cognitive skills on labour market outcomes: The case of the garment industry in Ethiopia

    This paper contributes to the discussion on the effects of schooling and skills on labor market outcomes in developing countries with growing economies. The data are from workers in foreign-invested garment companies in Ethiopia, and the effects of cognitive, non-cognitive, and practical skills are analyzed separately from schooling years using the skills assessment module of the SKY project. The study reveals the impact of educational background and skills on the labor market, rewards of cognitive, non-cognitive and practical skills on the labor market, and the different challenges of skills assessment in developed and developing countries.

  • 2021.07.30Shoko Yamada


    Industrial skills development: Challenges and opportunities in developing countries

    Presentation material of the webinar titled ‘Joining Forces for Industrial Skills Development’, bringing together participants from the public and private sectors, development partners, academia, and civil society. It is the second in the series: ‘Partnering for ISID: New challenges and opportunities for the UNIDO-Japan cooperation’.
    UNIDO and the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna have co-hosted the webinar.

  • 2021.07.09近藤菜月


    〈新しい能力〉論への問い ―アフリカでの調査から⾒えてくるもの―


  • 2021.07.09水谷文


    賃金と昇給の決定因子 -エチオピアの産業パークを事例として-


  • 2021.07.09山崎裕次郎


    ウガンダ都市零細金属加工業における学びの空間  —正統的周辺参加の正統性とは何かー


  • 2021.05.14Natsuki Kondo, Shoko Yamada, Aya Mizutani, Kofi Aniah Philip


    Ghana Interim Report: Skills Demands in the Dual Labor Market of Formal and Informal Sectors: Findings from a Skills Assessment of Garment Workers in Ghana

    This report presents an analysis of SKY skills assessments conducted for two sewing firms, four TVET institutions, and the informal sector workers in Ghana from 2019 to 2020.

    The analysis covers the following four major areas.
    (1) Analysis of the compositions of skills (how cognitive and non-cognitive skills affect performance, and how these skills affect each other)
    (2) Gaps in perceptions among stakeholders regarding “what kind of skills are important in the workplace.”
    (3) Comparative analysis of the formal and informal sectors (cognitive and non-cognitive skills, relationship between skills and salary)
    (4) Factors influencing the career plans of TVET institution students (socioeconomic background and subjective factors)

  • 2021.02.14山田肖子・大野泉 編著


    途上国の産業人材育成 SDGs時代の知識と技能


  • 2020.12.08近藤菜月




  • 2020.12.08島津侑希


    島津侑希「職業技術教育・訓練(TVET)における非認知能力育成―エチオピアの公立TVET 校での「他者と働く力」の 育成―」国際開発学会第31回全国大会

    発表題目「職業技術教育・訓練(TVET)における非認知能力育成―エチオピアの公立TVET 校での「他者と働く力」の 育成―」

  • 2020.12.08水谷文・近藤菜月


    水谷文・近藤菜月「自己効力感、技能、収入の関係 ガーナのインフォーマルセクターとフォーマルセクターの比較分析」国際開発学会第31回全国大会

    発表題目「自己効力感、技能、収入の関係 ガーナのインフォーマルセクターとフォーマルセクターの比較分析」