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[Activity Report] Exchanged opinions on the development of game-based training programs2021.08.27 Yujiro Yamazaki East Asia

The SKY project is currently exchanging ideas among the members to develop a training program for workers in the industrial sector. In recent years, corporate training programs have been attracting attention not only for lecture-based instruction but also for participatory training such as workshop-style training. In a recent discussion among SKY members, we discussed board game training.

The board game-based training is applicable for both online and face-to-face training, as well as in-work training, and is suitable for a variety of learning styles. Unlike monotonous lectures, it can engage the interest of participants and encourage active participation. Board games are actually being used by companies in Japan and abroad for worker training, to train new employees on their roles and duties in the organization, and to simulate organizational management for managers.

Simulation games in the workplace are important for efficient production, such as workplace operations and manufacturing line procedures. In addition, board games that foster social skills have been attracting attention in recent years. At a recent meeting, we discussed the clarity of the rules, the skills to be gained, and the challenges of implementation in front of a prototype board game that could be used for corporate training.

While game-based training is attractive, it is not just a game, and the design of rules is important for effective human resource development. It is important to consider the characteristics of board games, such as time per session, randomness, and balance between competition and cooperation, as well as what skills can be expected to be acquired and how to measure the effects. We will continue to exchange opinions in order to develop effective training programs in the future.