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EDU-Port Japan Project with Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd. culminates in South Africa2024.03.14 Mark Kenneth Camiling アフリカ

Last January 12-19, 2024, Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd. (Kumon) representatives, Ms. Mariko Suzuki and Mr. Shunji Ise, went on a business trip to South Africa to hold the closing ceremonies of the EDU-Port Japan project on developing the cognitive, non-cognitive, behavioral, and soft skills of garment factory workers through the Kumon Method. The research project is facilitated in collaboration with Nagoya University SKY Project. During their stay, they visited all the seven (7) participating companies in Gauteng Province (Johannesburg and Pretoria) and KwaZulu-Natal Province (Ladysmith). The ceremony was graced by each company’s administrators and workers. Ms. Suzuki and Mr. Ise awarded the workers their certificates of participation, which shall be recognized as a professional development initiative by the South Africa Fiber Processing and Manufacturing under the Sector Education and Training Authority (FP&M SETA).

Garment factory workers from one of the participating companies, with the project country coordinator, Ms. Nomvuyo Molefe (leftmost)

The Kumon representatives also visited FP&M SETA Office to report the initial findings of the project. They were greeted by the agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Felleng Yende. Dr. Yende acknowledged the success of the project, received the results positively, and expressed continued support for more potential collaboration.

(From left to right: FP&M SETA General Manager Mr. William Malema, Kumon representative Ms. Mariko Suzuki, FP&M SETA CEO Dr. Felleng Yende, Kumon representative Mr. Shunji Ise, and Project Country Coordinator Ms. Nomvuyo Molefe)

Nagoya University SKY Project is set to hold another business trip to South Africa in May to report the final findings of the project to the participating companies and key government agencies such as the South Africa Department of Higher Education and Training.