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Activity report: Ghana(by Natsuki Kondo)2018.11.29 Natsuki Kondo Africa

Area: Africa
Country: Ghana

This year I have visited Ghana twice: From Sep. 17 to 30 and from Oct. 31 to Nov. 15. The purpose of the former trip was to conduct a trial test of our module at general schools. One junior high school and one senior high school participated in this trial test. In the later trip, I conducted skill assessment with students in TVET schools. It was the first time to use all 3 tools of our module (Questionnaire, Examination, and Practical Skill Test) in Ghana.

Participating schools for the skill assessment this time were the following four schools: Opportunities Industrialization Centre (OIC), Tema Vocational Training School, New Century Career Training Institute (NCCTI), and Accra Technical University. We could successfully complete this assessment because the cooperation of the participant schools. The teachers and students of Accra Techinical University, the venue of the practical assessment, were especially helpful. We are looking forward to see the results of analyses from the rich data we gathered from this field work. 

In the upcoming year, we are going to conduct the same assessment with industrial workers. We will cooperate with participating factories. (by Natsuki Kondo)