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Activity Report (by Kondo Natsuki)2020.04.04 Natsuki Kondo アフリカ

SKY project has traveled to Ethiopia for bout 2weeks from the end of February.
One of objectives to be achieved in this travel, to sow a seed for future development of our project, is to establish operational committee to discuss the matter of skill development training in Ethiopia. Core members are from related governmental institutions such as Federal TVET Agency, Ethiopia Kaizen Institute, Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority (showed in attached photo). So far, SKY project has worked on development of skill assessment module, its operation, and analysis. While will continue its further improvement to provide useful data for policy implication, we are also thinking of how we can connect the result to actual training of skill. Though it is not the phase to share the concrete idea yet, this committee will be our first step to move forward in this area.
Other activity in Ethiopia will be also shared in following report, please have a look at it.

(Though we have planned to hold the conference on skill development in Ghana, as I shared in former report, we are sorry to inform you that the conference has been canceled due to concerns about the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We will reorganize the conference when the situation calms down. your continued interest is highly appreciated.)